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(iPhone) Get More Friends on Voxer

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posted this on December 14, 2010 02:06 PM

There are several ways to find your friends on Voxer.  

To find friends on Voxer, you can do the following:

  • Address Book matching. When you sign into Voxer, you will get a notification asking you to share your Address Book with us. By clicking OK, you will enable us to automatically match you with your friends who have signed up for Voxer, have given us permission to match them with other Voxer users who are in their address book AND are active users on Voxer.  If you are not automatically matched with people who you know are on Voxer, you can search for them through the Voxer directory, per the instructions under "Search the Voxer directory" below.

Note: Facebook no longer allows Voxer to access your Facebook friends list, and thus we will not be able to match you with your Facebook friends who log in to Voxer with Facebook.  Logging into Voxer with Facebook will be a single sign on action.  

  • Enter your Phone Number on your Voxer profile. To do this, go to your chat List > tap the chat button (in the upper right corner) > Edit your profile > Enter your phone number. We use your phone number only to connect you with friends. We will never display your number to any other user. 


  • Invite friends via SMS to download Voxer. Go to your chat list > Tap "Invite friends" > Enter the name of your friend > Select friend or friends to send SMS message or messages > Next or Search > Next > Send. If you are not automatically matched once your friend downloads and signs in to Voxer, you can add each other as contacts, per the instructions in "Search the Voxer directory" below. 


  • Search the Voxer directory. To do this, go to your chat list > Tap the chat button (in the upper right corner) > Enter either the email address used by your friend when signing in to Voxer / the e-mail address that's associated with your friend's Facebook account or enter the full name of your friend > Search > Select your friend > Vox. You will be placed in a chat with your friend and can begin sending messages.


*Note: if you are having trouble finding your friend because there are many people on the Voxer network with their name (ie. "John Smith" or "Jennifer Parker"), try searching by their e-mail address or username rather than by their full name.

You can also have friends search for you by your username. You can locate your username on your profile page. 


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