Tips for Sharing Your Referral Link

As a member of the Voxer Influencer Community, we want you to help your network get to know and love Voxer as much as you do. Your referral link is your ticket to getting maximum benefit from the program, so you’ll want to share it broadly. To help, here are a few ideas to get you started.


Why should someone use your link?

It’s true - using your referral link doesn’t offer a discount, a free month, or anything like that. However, what it does offer is YOU, and your knowledge and love for Voxer. Use that passion as an incentive for people to sign up via your link, and to help you earn some rewards in the process.


Email Signature

Since it’s part of every email you send, your email signature is a great spot to remind people that you’re a part of the Voxer Influencer Community and share your referral link. Using a free tool like Hubspot’s Email Signature Template, you can create well-designed email signatures that include your referral link, along with links to your social profiles.


Online Forums and Community Message Boards

If you’re participating in online discussions on tools like Reddit, Quora, or other forums, include your referral link as part of your signature.


Social Media

On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or another social media network? Share your Voxer tips, answer questions, or start conversations - just don’t forget to include your referral link!


Blogs and Newsletters

Host a blog or newsletter?  Don’t forget to post about the fact that you’re part of the Voxer Influencer Community, and include your referral link to every page.


Meetups, Classes & Training

Hosting a Meetup, leading a class, or offering a workshop or training on Voxer are great ways to onboard new users in your community. Encourage them to use your referral link to sign up and upgrade before the event.


Customers & Colleagues

If you’re working 1-1 or 1-Team with your own clients or colleagues, feel free to either share your referral link with them, or if you’re side-by-side with them you can walk them through the registration and upgrade process via your link.


Your Website

Don’t forget to add your referral link to your website, and don’t forget to include your Voxer Influencer program badge.


Get Creative!

These are certainly not the only ways to share your referral link. Think about all the ways you interact with people in your network, and look for ways to let them know about Voxer.

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