Communicating with friends and family during a hurricane

Voxer is the best way to communicate during a crisis because Voxer is:

  • Faster - just push a button and talk to friends and family - they can hear you while you’re speaking thanks to Voxer’s live messaging.
  • More Reliable - Voxer messages are always delivered even when wifi or cellular connections are spotty.
  • Saves Messages When There is No Connection - Voxer will save your messages and automatically send them as soon as connectivity is restored.

There is a higher chance that a Voxer audio message will get through when a phone call will not. Voxer requires a data connection, either via wifi or a network carrier to send messages. In case the cell towers go down, remember that Voxer also works on a wifi connection.  


To ensure that you are able to get in touch with your family and household members during an emergency, please prepare a family communication plan:

1) Invite your family, closest relatives, and anyone in your support system to join Voxer.  

2) Add everyone from your family and support system to your contact list.

3) Create a group chat with your household members, and use that as a channel to communicate in case you are separated during a crisis.

4) Share your profile and group chat links to your support system in non-affected areas so they can easily reach you.

5) Turn on Location Sharing on your Account Settings. Every message you send will include your location at that time.


For those involved in rescue efforts, here are some Voxer PRO features that are helpful for team communication:

Invite people to join a Voxer group chat

Use the app hands-free with Walkie Talkie Mode

Loud alerts with Extreme Notifications

Make one-way announcements with Broadcast Chats

For a full list of Voxer PRO features, click here.


***Hurricane Harvey and Irma: If you are located in the communities affected by Hurricane Harvey or Irma, or are involved in rescue efforts, we will give you a Voxer PRO subscription free for 30 days. Please contact us and include your Voxer username.


If you encounter any technical issues, here are some helpful troubleshooting tips that may help resolve the issue.


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