How do I use the Voxer Directory to search for my friends?

Do you want to chat with some new friends? Here is how you search the Voxer directory: 


From the main menu > Tap the Contacts tab > In the search bar enter your friend's full name, username or email address > Press Search

Once you have located your friend, select their name and tap on the "+Add" button. This will add them to your contacts. To start a chat with your new contact: Go to Chats > Press blue + button (bottom right) > Select new contact from list and that will start your chat! 


From the main menu > Go to your contact list > enter full name, email address or username of your friend in the search field > Press Search > Select their profile > tap "Add to Contacts" 

Once you have added your friend to your contact list you can start a chat with them by clicking the Compose button (bottom right) in Chats and selecting the friend you just added from your contacts. 

*Note: if you are searching for your friend by their name and cannot find them, please try searching by their username or email as they may have "Privacy Mode" enabled.

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