Voxer Pro (Android) - Easy Talk Widget

Adding the Easy Talk Widget to your Home Screen:

1. Touch and hold your finger down (long press) on any open spot on your Home screen
2. Choose "Widgets" from the menu that appears
3. Find Voxer and tap it!

To change your Easy Talk settings:

1. Open your Voxer app
2. Tap Settings
3. Select Easy Talk Widget
4. Add and re-arrange your chats in order of importance 

Using the Easy Talk Widget

  • Your "top priority" chat (the one you put at the top of the list in the app) will show as your default chat within the widget.
  • Want to access the other chats you added to the widget list?  Simply swipe to the right or left to scroll through the chats.  Whichever is left on the screen will be re-ordered to the top of the list seen within the app.
  • You can have up to 10 chats added to the easy talk widget. 
  • All of the functionalities (text, pictures and voice messages) can be sent and received through the Widget.

Easy Talk Widget FAQs

1. Who can use the Easy Talk Widget from Voxer?  
          - All Pro and Business subscribers can use the widget!
2. If I'm a free user, how can I try out the widget?  
          - You will need to upgrade in-app to Voxer Pro or online to Voxer Business.
3. What are the benefits of a widget?
          - The widget makes accessing your "top" chats quicker and easier.  


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