How to Submit a Support Request

Running into a problem? Something not working as it used to? Troubleshooting steps didn't solve it? Couldn't find an answer in the Support site

Please submit a support request from your device via the Feedback section in the app. That will include some important information about your device that will help us troubleshoot. This option is also available on

If you are unable to access the app or to submit a ticket from the feedback section, you can also email 

Please provide as much information as possible. Help us help you!*

- What were you doing when the problem occurred?
- What were you expecting to happen? And then what really happened?
- Did you try any troubleshooting steps? Did any of them work?
- How often does it happen?
- Add screenshots or video if it helps describe what you're experiencing. 

*(For Android, please ensure you check the box to "include logs")


If you are having issues with a specific chat or message, please provide the message ID for us to reference. Instructions for getting a message ID off your device are below for both Android and iOS devices.


We don’t typically respond to feedback or bug reporting emails, unless you have Premium Support, but we do review them all. We are working hard to improve Voxer and your feedback is very important to us.

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