(Android) Want to become a Beta tester?

Who's the coolest? You are! Well, you will be once you have the hot of the press Voxer features and are an official Android tester.


Get access to the latest features in Voxer for Android.

You will be ahead of the curve, and get new Voxer features before everyone else. Your friends will be jealous!
It also means that your feedback is vitally important to us. Help us make the app better!
Whenever you experience an issue with Voxer, we request that you submit feedback within the app: Go to Support > Feedback and let us know what’s going on.
OK, I'm ready!
1. Click here to join and install the beta version of Voxer. 
2. Log in and use Voxer as you normally would, but make sure to send reports via Support > Feedback (with logs) and details of any issues you experience. 
3. Please don't change the subject line (it's how we know you are a Beta Tester and your feedback goes to the front of the queue!)
There are some good tips here.
Thank you!
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