Voxer Talking Points

Here are some quick talking points you can use to convey the power of Voxer to your community.


The Power of Voice

Voice is the best way to communicate. It provides clarity in tone and intent that texting or email does not.

Voxer is bringing voice back - faster, more efficient secure than ever before. Improve collaboration, share knowledge, get your team engaged and inspired  - all more efficiently than you ever imagined.


Here is why Voxer is the leading mobile messaging solution for highly collaborative teams:

Save time

Push-to-talk is faster and more efficient than phone calls and texting.


Replace bulky, outdated walkie talkies

Two-way radios are loud, limited in functionality and expensive. They don’t offer a messaging or multi-media component, and have range limitations. Voxer offers a modern solution for teams who rely or could benefit from two-way radios for team communication.


Be safe behind the wheel

With Voxer you can live stream messages, and quickly respond from your bluetooth-compatible headset, even when the phone is locked in your pocket.


Avoid dropped calls or failed messages

Works on iOS and Android smartphones on any data network including areas when connectivity is poor. Voxer will automatically send messages as soon as the device picks up a signal.


Robust message control features

As the admin, you can organize your users into functional teams as you create large group chats, add and remove chat participants, moderate conversations, broadcast one-way messages, and manage centralized payments.


Voxer for Web

Our browser-based application brings Voxer to your computer, and it’s the perfect tool for desk-based teams.


Messaging Privacy

With end-to-end encryption, messages cannot be heard by anyone but the recipient of the message.


It’s fun and it brings people closer together

Listening to the recording of your own voice is fun. Sending and receiving short voice memos to friends, colleagues, and family, even more. Stay in touch with loved ones, near or far, and inspire your team with the power that only your voice can convey. It’s the next best thing to being there.

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