Voxer Business - How to Create or Edit a Team in Voxer Business Manager

To create a new team, first log in to business.voxer.com (Voxer Business Manager)

Once you're on the main page, click the "Teams" tab near the upper left corner to view your existing teams.


Creating a new Team:

To create a new team, simply click on the green "Create Team" button.  


Enter a name that will be shown to all users and a description that only Admins on your team will see.

Once you have created a team, you will see it in your Teams list.  Click on a Team to view/edit details and add/remove users.


Editing an existing Team:

Now that you have created one or more teams, click on a Team name to view the Team Details.  


Here you can add or remove users, delete the entire team or edit the team's information.

Be sure to click "Save" when you are done to save all of your changes!



* Why create teams?

Instead of having to add employees manually to a chat, you can add employees to a Team and that team will automatically populate in the app upon logging in. 

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