Disable / Enable Notifications per Chat

You can disable and enable notifications per chat. By default, we enable notifications on each chat you create and/or are subscribed to. To disable notifications for a chat please perform the following steps:


  • Within a chat, tap the "Chat menu" button (three squares or lines on the upper right side of the screen).
  • Tap Notifications > Tap No Notifications 
  • Tap "Yes" when you receive the pop-up alert asking if you want to turn them off.  Notifications will then be disabled for that chat.


To disable notifications for a chat, perform the following steps:

  • Go to your chat list > Find and select the chat > Tap the chat settings button (in the upper right corner) > Tap More Options > Select Notifications > Select desired Notification Preference
*Note: Extreme Notifications is a Voxer Pro feature that enables extremely loud, repetitive alerts every 15 seconds for 5 minutes so you never miss a message.  
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