What is Admin Control?

Admin control is a feature that is available on the Voxer Pro plan. It allows Pro users to manage members of a particular chat. An admin can add/remove members from the chat and rename the chat thread. Admins can also recall messages from anyone in the group chat.

For information on creating a Broadcast Chat, visit our support article

The admin can do this by sliding the Admin Control button to "green" in their Chat Settings. 


How are non Pro users affected by Admin Control?

Not to worry! If you are a user and have not subscribed or upgraded to Voxer Pro, you may be invited into a group chat by someone who does have Voxer Pro. If this is the case, you will not be able to add or remove members to that chat or rename the chat. However, you can still continue chatting with everyone in the group the same as before with voice, text or photo! This is what your screens will look like if you are added into an Admin controlled chat: 



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