Broadcast Chat

Need to send a message to a group or team but do not want any responses? Spread the word with our one-way message Broadcast Chat!

Broadcast Chats have the same characteristics as a regular chat, with the only difference being a one-way message from the chat creator. (other chat members cannot respond) This is a perfect way to communicate important information to a larger group while minimizing all the chatter!

For Android: 

  • Tap on your Contacts tab > select plus sign next to each person's name you'd like to add to the chat. (an orange background will appear as you select each person) 
  • As you're choosing contacts, you'll also see the banner asking if you'd like to make this a Broadcast Chat > tap to turn this on. Remember, only the chat creator can send messages in a Broadcast Chat. 

  For iPhone:

  • Tap on the compose button in the lower right corner to start a new chat.
  • Choose Broadcast Chat from the list > select contacts you'd like to add to this chat, tap create > name your conversation, save it, and you're done! 





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