Block a Contact

To block unwanted contacts from messaging you on Voxer perform the following steps:


From your "Contacts" tab > locate friend > press and hold down on their profile picture > select "Block and delete".             

Note: Selecting "Block" means that you will no longer receive text / audio / image messages from that person. The person who was blocked will not be not notified that they have been blocked. Tapping "Block and Delete" blocks and deletes a person.  Delete means that that person will not show up in your friends list anymore.

If you want to block a contact, perform the following steps:

  • Go to your Chat List > Tap the Main Menu icon at the top left > Go to Contacts > Select the contact you want to block > Select "Block".
  • Block means that you will no longer get text / audio / image messages from that person. The person who has been blocked will not be notified. 
*Please note: If you are subscribed to a group chat that contains a contact you have blocked, the only messages, in any chat, that you'll see from a blocked person is when they add a participant, or remove themselves from a chat. Also, people who have been blocked are not notified that they have been blocked.
To block a contact in a group chat, perform the following steps. 
  • From the chat, go to Chat Settings in the top right corner > Select "Members" > Select the group member you wish to block > Select "Block".
* For enhanced privacy within the app, please also see our how-to page about Privacy Mode.
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