Delete a Contact


  • In your Contacts tab, find the contact you wish to delete.
  • Press and hold down on any contact to bring up the option to delete them.
  • Tap "Delete."  
  • Notification screen comes up asking if you're sure you'd like to delete this contact > Tap "Yes."
  • Alternatively, you can delete a chat by going into the chat you wish to delete > Select Chat Settings (the gear icon in the top right corner) > Select More Options > Select Delete Chat


  • Go to Main Menu > Contacts > Edit (top right corner) > Select Contacts you wish to delete > Delete
  • From your Chat List > Select the chat you wish to delete > Swipe to the left across the chat you wish to delete > Select "Delete"   

Note: tapping "Delete" removes the contact from your Contacts tab on Voxer, but does not remove you from their list. Deleting a contact does not block the deleted friend from contacting you. Replying to a message from a deleted contact will add them back to your Contacts tab. Tapping "Block and Delete" performs all of the actions of "Delete" while also preventing that contact from being able to send you messages.



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