Creating Group Chats

Sometimes you need to reach out to a larger group of people! Group chats allow up to 500 members and are easy to create! See steps below for both Android and iPhone. 

For Android:

  • Go to your Chats > tap compose button (blue button in bottom right corner) > select New Group Chat > select all contacts you want to include in chat > tap Create Group Chat (top right corner) > name your chat and press save!

  • For PRO users you can to turn on Admin Control for a group chat
  • Please note there are many Android models, therefore your menu button may be in a different place or the design can differ from device to device

For iPhone:

  • Go to your Chat List (home screen) > tap compose message button (in the bottom right corner) > select Group Chat > select all contacts you want to include > select 'Create' (top right corner) > name your chat and press save and you can start voxing!

  • For PRO users you can turn on Admin Control for a group chat
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