Logging in with Facebook

When you visit Voxer's login page, you'll notice a button which says "Log in with Facebook." Here are a few tips to better familiarize yourself with what it actually means to login with your Facebook credentials. 

Logging In 
When you tap the "Log in with Facebook" button, we check to see if you are logged in with Facebook.  If you are, you enter the app using only your e-mail address, bypassing creating a password with Voxer.

Keep in mind when you Log in with Facebook, a password is not created for your Voxer account.  However, this also means if you login to a friend's phone on Facebook, they can access your Voxer account too! Be careful to always log out of Facebook or Voxer when you are using someone else's device!

When you're logged into Voxer via your Facebook account, Voxer cannot see any of your profile information, Facebook friends, or Facebook Messenger contacts.  You will still need to manually search for contacts within Voxer.

"I don't want to Log in with Facebook anymore!"
No problem at all! Simply log out and use the "Reset Password" link. Remember, when you initially signed up and logged in with Facebook, you never created a password with Voxer. You'll now enter the e-mail address you use with Facebook and you'll be sent an e-mail and that will allow you to set a password. Once you have a password set, enter your e-mail address and new password into the log in screen and viola! You're all set!

Will Voxer ever publish on my Facebook wall?
Voxer takes your privacy very seriously. Voxer will never publish on your wall without your permission.  

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