Unlimited Message Storage

It's simple. Some of us are just sentimental when it comes to keeping our messages. 

So why not keep them indefinitely? Brilliant, right? We thought so too! Now upgrading to Voxer Pro will also allow you unlimited message history! (free Voxer accounts can view older messages up to 30 days) 

While this news is the best thing since sliced bread, there are a few important things to point out first.

  • Messages cleared from a chat (or previously deleted chats) are not available. It is just like a text message; once you've deleted it, it is gone. Not even magic can bring it back. 
  • To retrieve your older messages, you will need to scroll back as far as you can, pull down to load (refresh) those older messages. 
  • Remember now, it can take time to restore all those messages to your device. Try to be patient with your phone while it catches up! 
Upgrade to Voxer Pro!
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