Unable to record audio message - enabling permissions

In order to take advantage of all of Voxer's features, you need to change your privacy settings to give the app permissions to access your device's microphone, camera, location, photos, speech recognition, etc. 

Here is how:


For iOS:
1) From your device's home screen, tap Settings.
2) Scroll down and tap Voxer.
3) You'll see a list of components that can access Voxer. Enable the component by tapping on the slider (so the slider shows green).

If there's no option to enable microphone access for Voxer, it may be that you've enabled restrictions on your device. If you enable restrictions on microphone access, no new apps can request permission to use it.

To check whether you have restrictions enabled, open the Settings app on your phone, followed by 'General' and 'Restrictions'.


For Android:
1) Open the Settings app and tap “Apps” under the Device heading to get started.
2) Scroll down and tap Voxer.
3) On the App info screen, you’ll see a “Permissions” category that lists all the permissions that individual app has access to. Tap “Permissions.”


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