Audio Message Not Playing

Uh oh!  So you must be wondering why your audio messages won't play.
First, make sure you have a strong signal or WiFi.  If that doesn't work, there are a few other quick fixes.
Try these: 

  • Rewind back with the << button to the last message that played. Let it play through the end and see if your "stuck" message plays next.

  • Force quit the app, relaunch, try to play the message again. To do so, follow these steps: 

    Android users (steps vary depending on device)

    From your home screen, go to Settings > Applications > Manage Apps > Voxer > Force stop.

    iPhone users:
    Double tap the Home button on your device and locate the Voxer app. Press and hold on it until you see a red circle with a dash. Tap to quit the app. You can then go back and launch Voxer.

Upgrade to Voxer Pro!
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