Forgot Your Password?



Have you forgotten your password or want to update it?

Follow these easy steps:

1. Log out of Voxer
2. On the Login Screen, tap the "Forgot your password?" link  (Be sure to leave the E-mail and Password fields blank)
3. Enter in the e-mail address that you normally use to log in to Voxer
4. Tap "Reset My Password"
5. Check your e-mail!

After following these steps, an e-mail is automatically sent to the e-mail address that you entered.  Check your e-mail and click the link within it to set a new password.

 - Didn't get an e-mail?  Don't worry, please check your Spam folder in case your e-mail sorted the e-mail out of your inbox.

 - Wonder how long your password should be?  
We recommend anywhere from 6 to 20 characters.  Be sure to include letters and numbers, perhaps with a few capital letters!

 - If you can't see the link to click and reset password:
Please make sure that your email is enabled for HTML. You may not be able to see the hyperlink if you can only see "plain text."

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